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The exact and accurate completion of this application is necessary for employment. Any and all answers given, good or bad will not determine your chance of employment. We strictly hire people that we feel will be a good fit in our place of business. We do not discrimate on race, age, or personal past. Everyone will have a chance for employment. Once hired you will be given a uniform that must be worn at all time during working hours. We incorporate rules in our business just like any company. An employee not showing up to work nor finding someone to work for them will not be tolerated. We are in a customer service based industry and need to have all our scheduled personnel at all times to be able to conduct our business. Delivery drivers will need to supply their own vehicles to work. The importance of what kind of car you drive does not matter to us. What matters, is that it is clean inside and our and presentable to our customers. By clicking the submit button you acknowledge that you understand what is expected of you.